by Brayan

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Written, Recorded and Produced by Brayan during december 2013.


released December 1, 2013

All vocals and instruments performed by Brayan.



all rights reserved


Brayan Peru

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Track Name: A Little Bit More
There is a certain moment in life when you ask yourself :
''What’s that which surrounds me?'
May be an illusion or not
But I guess I must live it anyway

Keep always present that you are all in all
And so things are all connected
What’s inside it’s what’s outside
And what seem two it’s really one

Keep the good vibes till’ the end

Live your life as you know how to
Don’t listen to what the others say

All is here and now and here
Cause’ is the present the only that is left

No more thoughts for perfect minds
In the vacuity we will find joy

Just try a little bit more
Track Name: In Her Own Way
All of the sounds that I hear in my head come from the breathing of a pretty girl
A pretty girl who gently sleeps in my bed

All of the songs that I'm singing now come from the hair of a pretty girl,
A pretty girl who gently sleeps next to me

All of the knowledge that I seem to have from the smiles of a pretty girl
A pretty girl who sweetly smiles to my life

And I just watch her smile
Track Name: Bikes To Infinity
When you hear a beat inside like the universe vibration
You know it's time to destroy the dualizations
When you need some peace inside and you see it's hard to find it
Motion is the way to get silence from your mind, yeah
Take a deep breath and let things flow
You’ll see is better go in the path where the wind blows

Grab your damn bike and forget about the physic world
Bikes to infinity

It’s easy to realize that you’re the one who lead your life cause’
There’s no one else around to tell you where to go
Keep it simple, cause’ your will works way better with no weight
All the things that you may want aren’t really what you need now
Oh, life is such a pretty game when you leave behind all those silly illusions
Track Name: Algunas Cosas Para Que Las Recuerdes
Mil veces mi mente se ha preguntado que es en realidad la vida
si no un juego más que en verdad no cuesta mucho jugar
si entiendes que las cosas que están aquí no son la realidad que muchos quieren explicar, pero las palabras no bastan para decir que algo adentro quema como un fuego calientito que está en todo el universo.
Solo tienes que abrir los ojos pues tú, yo y todos podemos buscar las causas primeras, pero pregunto si vale la pena preocuparnos por esas cosas ya que yo estoy aquí, feliz, mirándote.